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I’ve been hooked a few times myself, but never like this.

The Legendary Suick Muskie Thriller

Suick Muskie Thriller

This may not be a fly fishing video, but I got my start as an angler chucking huge treble hook laden chunks of wood in Northern Wisconsin.  As a boy, there was something awesome about the big splash down those old plugs would make.  As a trout / flats fly fisherman now, that’s no longer an approach I use.  I’d love to get back to some of my old familiar waters and chase muskie again on-the-fly.

I once had to defend myself from a pack of wild dogs with my muskie rod and a big triple treble hooked plug like the Suick.  It got me out of a very precarious predicament.  I also still bear a scar where one of those 3X trebles buried through my knuckle while attached to a thrashing 40″ Muskie.  Good times.

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