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First there was the now infamous post: Fly Fishing needs Dirty Harry

Soon after that came “Elvis Has Left the Building” and the Unaccomplished Angler said:

It was suggested, not by myself but by others, that last week’s Dirty Harry blog entry may have set the bar too high to ever be reached again, by the likes of me anyway. Now that’s not to say that I agree with the suggestion that it was a bar-raising entry, but given the depths of my mediocrity as both an angler and a writer, I believe there is much truth in the assertion that I may have peaked.  Long-time UA supporter Rebecca Garlock (keeper of the Outdooress blog and a Co-Chief Executive of the Outdoor Blogger Network) suggested in the comments section that I was, in fact, “toast”.

Soon there was much speculation and a contest.

Outdoor Blogger Reward Posted


My first thought was in fact, good riddance.  I mean how does a fly fishing guide with rudimentary language skills and no clue about graphic design stand a comparative chance against this kind of blogging genius.  Then I got to thinking some more which hurts my head sometimes.  If this guy truly is a genius (thank goodness for spell check) then he’s up to something.

Here are some comment clues quoted from the man himself:

“I’ve actually met this Werner person you speak of, and he is not to be trusted. I’ve read his blog, which is marginal at best. To be honest, he’s a bit long-winded for my tastes and his retirement actually came as a relief to me. However, his children’s books featuring Olive the woolly bugger are excellent, so I hope he makes good use of his reprieve from blogging to create more books in the series.”

“Pat, please just tell us that the swimsuit you wear during summer wet wading is not a Speedo.” (agreed)

“No doubt the Unaccomplished Angler is grateful for your concern, and certainly the author of the Olive the Woolly Bugger books is curious as to what specifically was the initial basis for your less than charitable thoughts regarding the Olive books? In the UK the term “bugger” has a somewhat different meaning than here in the states, but I doubt that was it…?”

“I’ve got fish to try to catch, and a job to look for (if you’re hiring, drop me a line. Seriously).”

It’s been fun while it lasted—at least for me—but I smell burnt toast.

I’m going fishing.  Tightlines,

For my money, the Unaccomplished Angler is up to the following:

–          Watching cooking shows on cable, I mean the man is clearly an unaccomplished cook.  Who can’t make toast?

–          Roaming the rivers of the Northwest with his posse of Rogue Angles while Chucking Line and Chasing Tail.

–          Creating Wind Knots and Tangled Lines (he is unabashedly unaccomplished) and occasionally catching a Bad Fish.

–          Listening to the Allmen Brothers while following the comments on the Outdoor Blogger Network

–          Working on a brilliant new post that will cement his notoriety and lead to Clint Eastwood taking his call.

–          Writing the script for the movie that will launch his new career in showbiz and help fly anglers become heroes.


Bring it home for us man!

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