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Many people are familiar with Ross Reels USA. They make award-winning reels designed and manufactured in Montrose Colorado. I use Ross Reels on my fly rods and love their functionality along with the company’s philosophy and customer service.

Ross has also created a division called Ross Worldwide. Admittedly, the products are manufactured overseas. With the help of Mel Krieger, they are offering value priced fly rods for the first time. I just received a new 690-4 in the FW line. The rod retails for $199 and is the premium choice among their three new offerings.

I wanted to find out if indeed this $199 rod cast and fished like a premium rod. I started out throwing a dry fly in moderate wind. I kept the casts in the 20 to 50’ range. The rod is accurate, easy to cast and throws a very tight loop with a short stroke. It is very easy to cast from the tip. Next, I flexed the blank on some longer casts with a wooly bugger. Again, it performed very well with reasonable power. I would characterize the rod as comfortable on the cast, fishable (I caught a few fish) and a true 6wt. It seems to me that an accomplished caster indeed designed the FW.

I consider myself a good caster, but certainly no Mel Krieger. I love extremely fast rods like the Sage TCR for launching steamers and long-range nymphing. I actually have a hole in my quiver on the lighter side. It is a luxury to have multiple choices for variable conditions. I feel the FW rod embodies the qualities of a worldwide 6wt trout rod and that is exactly how I am going to use it. A great addition to any quiver of rods for only $199 and one I will be happy to share with my guests.

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