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I am not fishing, though conditions are great today. I am getting ready for my yearly migration and dealing with details. Fishing Jones made a comment about liking the quote, “Excuse me sir, I see the Tarpon” and it distracted me. Gotta love it. It sounds better the more you hear it, especially if you are on the deck of the skiff when the words are spoken. It got me reminiscing about the other quote from the same trip by a not so polite guide. “When you see the Permit, cast to the f#%$^&g Permit.” If you are already nervous and pumped up from a failed shot at a huge permit, words like this are not going to calm you down and get you ready for the next shot. As a guide, I think I can really appreciate good vs. bad guiding. While I have only been guided a few times, I have already seen a broad range of styles and attitudes. Guiding is about chasing fish, but it is even more about taking care of people and facilitating a fun experience. Fish happen when people are feeling positive and enjoying their day and companions.

Cast To The Permit

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