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Maybe it’s the cold, windy and gray of another not quite spring day that has me in a funk.  Tomorrow I’m buying a ticket to Miami.  Today; this is on my mind.


Transocean cites safety record in doling out bonuses despite 11 deaths and totally screwing up the Gulf

“Never, ever, let it be said that mere facts will come between an executive and his or her bonus. Transocean which – along with BP – is responsible for 11 deaths while creating the worst environmental disaster in US history, used its safety record as the reason for giving out exec bonuses.”

View the full story from Collateral Damage

Lets not make an Ass out of U and Me – Assume

Cyanide leach bill approved

“The Montana House Thursday endorsed the bill that would allow cyanide-leaching of ore from new open-pit gold or silver mines in the state, and thus amend a 1998 voter-passed initiative that banned such mines.”

“The House endorsed Senate Bill 306 on a 63-37 vote, largely along party lines, with Republicans in favor. After a final vote on the measure, likely today, it will go to the desk of Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who hasn’t said whether he’ll sign it into law.”

View the full story at HelenaIR.com

Montana SB 306 goes to the Governor

“Now if I didn’t know better, I’d say that Montana SB 306 looks like a full blown mining bill that leaves the taxpayers in the same place with mining operations that they have always been- picking up the tab. Jobs? There are no jobs here, just a huge liability for more mining cleanups, legal litigation, infrastructure liabilities and a tortured landscape that taxpayers will have to live in and pay for while the mining companies take the profit elsewhere.”

View the full story at Will Fish For Work

I sent my letter to Governor Schweitzer this morning.  I sure hope he can do the right thing.

A Cloud Hangs Over Our Hunting and Fishing Future

“One rider that hunters and anglers should be most concerned about strikes at the heart of the Clean Water Act. Recent Supreme Court decisions have resulted in the loss of Clean Water Act protection for at least 20 million acres of wetlands that are essential to waterfowl populations. The rider blocks the federal government from restoring lost protections for small streams, adjacent wetlands and geographically isolated waters that provide much of the habitat needed by fish and wildlife. These headwaters and wetlands are also the source of most of the water that flows through the nation’s waterways.”

View the Full Story at Cool Green Science

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I enjoyed an excellent day yesterday.   My friend Brian Neilsen of Fin Fetchers Outfitters picked me up and did the driving.  He was hosting Kevin Jergens of Fisheyesoup and the three of us went to Showdown for a Powder Wednesday.  Showdown has received almost 200” of snow already this year. With nearly a foot of fresh powder on slopes closed Monday and Tuesday…well, you get the idea.  Sam Wike from the Big R Flyshop loaned Kevin some twin tips and he was pretty excited to be hitting the slopes.  He has been living in South Carolina and was quick to let us know he was heading home to 70s and golf today, while we are presently sub zero again in Great Falls.

Showdown Montana

It’s always funny how many fish heads love to ski, but all we do is talk about fishing on the drive, on the chairlift and in the bar.  It’s actually kind of perfect.  Unless you happen to be joining parties of fish heads (so I’ve been told) for a non fishing activity and are forced to listen to it.  Spouses, girlfriends, children, relatives etc., are often marooned in the land of fish speak.  So going skiing and getting a perfect drift on the hard water with a couple fish heads, without distraction from non fishing associates is pretty sweet.

Here is the ultimate tune to listen to or at least play in the internal soundtrack when ripping through the trees (@showdown) or battling that huge fish.


Daily Call to Action

Not a day goes by without news and calls to action.  Next Thursday, I’m planning to go to Helena to raise voice against HB309, Montana’s special interest bill to restrict public access on a ridiculous amount of water.

From TU

In a five-day span last week, the House drafted a bill that would wipe out years of progress that TU – its volunteers, staff and partners – have made on some of our toughest habitat challenges, and cut severely into federal resource agency funding programs just as the field season is about to start.  A funding bill should not contain them, but the bill’s ill-conceived legislative provisions contain the following harmful items: Follow this link for your daily call to action. HR1Action Alert.

While you are doing that, lets hope this goes well.  National hunting, angling and sporting groups will call on Obama administration during a press conference on the protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska

From Scott Hed Director Sportsman’s Alliance for Alaska


Rory @ R Dub Outdoors commented on a post yesterday.

Hey I noticed you guys catch big rainbows up there. I am giving away steelhead flies on my page and I am sure they will work great for your fishing as well.

Rory: Yes they would likely work for big rainbows in Alaska and I also fish for steelhead a few times a year.  As a guide, I tie hundreds of very specific flies for the guiding I do.  While I love to tie, time does not seem to allow me to create or tie much beyond my guiding needs.  When I get to fun fish, it always seems like I come up short with flies for my own needs.  I would love to have some new quality flies, tied by another guide and passionate angler and of course I will sing your praises when I land Troutzilla on one of your creations!


Its damn cold here in Great Falls, MT and some forcasts are calling for -25 tonight plus windchill’s going horribly wrong.  It keeps snowing just enough to freeze on the windshield as soon as you turn your car off.  I checked out Deneki’s Bonefish 101, as I am thinking a bit about fishing in a warm ocean right now.  Just putting the finishing touches on our Florida trip during the first week of May.  We are going to be staying at Roland Martin’s house in Islamorada.  My buddy Eric just poled a friend into an 80lb Tarpon right out front on Tuesday.  Its always great to have a trip on the horizon.  Late Addition: Eric just called today to say that while staked off eating Dion’s Fried Chicken and drinking cold beer, they had a nice shot at a tarpon.  The shot was good and they hooked and landed a 100lber.  Why do you always call when its colder than cold to tell me about another fish Lundy?

Well, there is today’s soup. I actually took some hot soup to school and had lunch with my wife, braving the sub zero cross town trek.  Now its time to clean up the house, I mean I did go skiing yesterday.

Ultimate Showdown

Ultimate Showdown

Tight Lines or Deep Turns or Good Shots…Kevin (or whatever they say in golf when not swearing about shanking it into the trees)!

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