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Keeli working the dead drift.

Took the family out for an evening adventure on the MO. What a difference a week makes. The snow was nearly gone from the Big Belts and the grass was green and climbing the mountain sides. Bugs were thick. It seems like the BWO’s just got started, but March Browns, Callibaetis, Caddis and even a few Stones were flying everywhere. The temp was also 80.

Keeli started nymphing and hooking up immediately.

Kyle took off with his bucket and aquarium net to find little creatures.

Kyle on the hunt.

The highlight of the evening came just before sunset. We had already been entertained by an Osprey, a pack of marauding cute little beaver kits and Kyle’s bucket of swarming creatures when Erin let out a shriek. I thought a river monster must be rising off the bow. Close. The kids started yelling, catch him daddy, catch him as Erin moaned in terror. It was two on one, so I went with the kids and Erin sucked it up and took this picture. She even touched the startled Gopher Snake before we let him free to find greener grass on the other side of the river.

Snake On

I hoped for a great rise after the sun went down and Keeli made a valiant attempt to row for me, but alas, the fish must have loaded up on nymphs and emergers all day. Very few rises despite bugs galore. Maybe tonight!

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