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Missour River Rainbow

Trout fishing season on the Kenai River closes from May 1 through June 10. Good thing Stacy went out on Tuesday and caught a big fish.

I stopped at The Trout Shop in Craig this morning to say hello to Brian Neilsen and grab some hooks and a couple flies. The word in the shop is that fishing is ok, but it is about to get better. I guess on the MO, that means that nymphing is good, but not much is happening on top. That is about to change. Clouds and cool weather with possible precipitation are in the forecast.

Water 44 degrees. Flow 3600 cfs (easy wading). Air 48 degrees and partly cloudy. Almost perfect. Just need some rain or snow showers to make the BWO’s come off and stick to the surface. Nymphing is excellent from my observance and wet hands. I am ready to see some heads though. Hey Brian, lets go fishing!

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Missouri River Brown Trout

Just in time for the weekend, another cold front and snow storm is on the way. I dashed out to the Missouri River above Cascade MT. for a couple hours of fishing yesterday to get some spring. Only me and lots of honking geese. I found rainbows and one brown stacked off a deep shelf. It was great fun until 40mph gusts chased me home to get some work done.

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