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Wow,  tomorrow is November.  I spent every day on the Kenai River from July 15 to October 18, so please excuse the fact that the blog has been silent.  I have lots of material to share, so I am planning to run a number of  posts about the season past.  I have recently arrived back in Great Falls Montana and just put a line in the Missouri yesterday.  Some days you go fishing and sometimes you go catching.  Yesterday I went catching for about 2 hours.  Hot rainbows and Browns from 15 -20″ .  It was a great welcome back to Montana.

Oct 18 Kenai River Rainbow

Scotts' Oct 18 Kenai River Rainbow

My good friend Troy Miller pulled together a work/corporate fishing trip for some business associates and we hit the river for a mild and productive late season day. Scott’s fish was the second of 4 hooked up while wading a special spot.  When I saw it jump, I yelled for everyone to get in the boat, but since everyone was hooked up, no one moved.”Really guys, Scott has a big fish and we are going to need to chase it.”  I ended up getting Scott in the boat and we chased the fish around and down to the point of no return more than once.  I flung a couple nets to shore like frisbees and told the guys to help each other.  We managed to get Scott’s fish back to the boat and the boat back to shore right where we hooked it. There were several runs deep into backing and several trips back and forth in the drift boat in what I consider to have been an epic battle.  All the fish were landed and all were over 20″ including Scotts’ with a 21″ girth and a length of 32″  Congratulations Scott.  Thanks for capping off another great season.

Crossing Skilak Lake October 18

Last trip across Skilak October 18

Late Season Morning Light on the Middle Kenai River, Alaska

Late Season Morning Light on the Middle Kenai River

Kenai River Silver Salmon Alaska

John Pregartner with a hot chrome Silver Salmon

 We experienced a great late run of big silvers.  Stacy and I got out a few times and for some great catch and release and a little catch and consume silver action.  We also enjoyed our yearly kegs of Glacier Brewhouse IPA.

Silver Salmon and Glacier Brewhouse IPA

Silver Salmon and Glacier Brewhouse IPA = Guide Fun Time

 Martin showed up and kept our bellies happy with many culinary treats.  Alaska Seafood and catch of the day dominated our October evenings.


Martin's in the House






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Kissing SalmonNicole and Jenny have Alaska roots that brought them back to the Kenai for a day of fishing.   The sockeye run is still strong, so we set them up on the fish and let them go at it.

Double Trouble

Double Trouble

So fun you'll want to kiss them!

So fun you'll want to kiss them!

After Stacy and I got done with the party with Nicole and Jenny, we decided to go for an evening bonsai float.  We have not fished together since last November.  It was overdue and a ton of fun.  We loaded the cooler with a growler of Glacier IPA from Anchorage (otherwise known as Guide Slayer IPA or the Green Giant) and the new Williwaw IPA from the St. Elias Brewery in Soldotna.  Both beers rocked and so did the fishing.  Stacy started off hooking a cleaning table troll at the confluence.  We grabbed some fresh sockeye for the smoker and found some rainbow and dollie frenzy action on some spawning kings, landing 23 fish in one small area.  The entire drift to Jim’s was good.  Wish we could do it more often.  Maybe some day when I am not a career guide.

The water is dropping, exceptionally clear and the fish are turning on. The Sockeye are still rolling in chrome and a few bright silvers have been taken.  The fishing is so good, you won’t want to stop till you drop.

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Still Not Fishing, MT Last Updated: 04/21/08 07:30:28 MST


Current Conditions





Real Feel: -9°F (-23°C)
Relative Humidity: 95%
Barometer: 29.94″Hg (F)

Wind: W at 3 mph (5 kph)
Visibility: 0 miles (0 km)
Sunrise: 6:23am Sunset: 8:25pm


Cooper Landing is 34 degrees warmer right now. Should be fishing the Kenai today.


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Not Fishing Today

Planned to fish today. It was 11 degrees this a.m.

Montana Waterskiing

Montana Water Skiing at Great Divide

Last Sunday we went skiing for one more day. It reached 79 down by the river.

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