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Rainbow Trout

Fred is in Montana and has been fishing the Missouri River between Craig and Great Falls.

Stacy is stalking the beaches of Baja chasing a very special fish.  I am waiting for a new report.

Our Alaska fishing will begin in June with the opening of Trout season the 11th .

This is a Pink Salmon (even year), so late fall fishing should not be missed for fat and greedy Troutzilla’s

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Denny Crum 30inch Rainbow

September Madness

It may be March madness now and Denny is off following and commentating on the games, but come September, he will be on the Kenai.  Here is a picture of his 30″ rainbow from last season.  Now he will be going bigger.


Noteworthy Gear

I am adding a Sage 7126 TCX  (12’6″ 7wt), 7100 TCX (10′ 7wt) and a Beulah 11’7″ 5wt Trout Spey to my arsenal this year (so far).  There are so many great new rods, reels and fly lines on the market, that the choices can be mind boggling.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about possible new gear purchases.  I know quite a few people in the fly fishing industry and have a general knowledge of many of the products as well as some opinions of my own.

I will be rolling with SageRossBeulahRio and Airflo.

Sage – I am holding on to my XPs, but the  newer ZAxis and TCX rods are truly great. The Sage 4500 and 6000 series reels work very well.

Ross – Check out the new Evolution LT for a fantastic trout reel. The new Momentum LT is great for larger game.

Beulah – Great company for switch and spey rods at a reasonable price.

Rio – The largest variety of specialty lines. Check out the Outbound and Clouser Lines for streamers.

Airflo – Ridge lines are on my trout rods and I love them.


Dates to Consider

Mike King had planned two visits this season.  He still has his August week, but June 14-18 is open due to some conflicts with his party.  This is a great time for chrome sockeye and opportunistic rainbows.  The following week of June 21 to 25 also has space.  Last season, we were quickly limiting on 6 sockeye and experiencing steady trout fishing afterward during this window.

Bob Shannon has had the third week of September booked for the last eight years.  His daughter sprang a wedding on him, so September 20-24 is now open.  If anyone is interested in these prime dates, please let me know right away.  This is a pink year, so fishing should be very good on the Upper and the Middle Kenai during this week.  We will expect some very big rainbows and some of the first big late run silver salmon.


Today was a beautiful day in Great Falls Montana and I really felt the pull of the Missouri River. Over the next few months and before I head back to Cooper Landing, I plan to spend time on Montana waters for some great spring fishing. Several Mystic Waters guests from Colorado and Idaho are planning to join me and check out fishing on the MO. I can have my boat in prime trout water in 30-60 min from home or put it in right around the corner in town for walleye and a few lower river browns.

The Kenai awaits in June and I look forward to seeing many familiar and a few new faces this coming season.  If you are sitting on any good pictures or have any interesting tidbits to add for a posting, please let me know.  I am always interested to hear what Mystic Waters guests are doing or planning.

Tight Lines and See You on the Mystic Waters

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