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Several years ago, I took a mother and daughter on a daily-guided trip. While it is not unusual to take a couple of ladies fishing, this trip was clearly something different. It soon became apparent that they were not just novice anglers, but were not serious about fishing at all. Always up for a challenge, I did my best to get them into fish and interested in fly-fishing.

Things went well that day. The ladies caught fish, enjoyed the river float immensely and made for pleasant company. For me, it was an easy day. For one, ladies usually catch fish. Two women are a sure bet for a great day. We had the river almost all to ourselves and after eight hours; they were more than ready to call it a day.

As I readied the boat for our trip across Skilak Lake to the landing, the ladies seemed to perk up. There was a steady wind blowing in our faces, but not enough to keep us from a safe crossing. As we headed out into the lake, the ladies stood up in the bow and began to throw something into the wind. Suddenly, gritty powder was wafting back into my eyes and mouth. I put up a hand and tried to duck as the wind carried the substance they were throwing straight into my face. They were laughing, smiling, and filled with a strange joy. I had just met dad.

Alaska cremation ceremony

Apparently, dad had always wanted to go fishing in Alaska. He never got a chance to visit in living form, but his girls decided his ashes should be immersed in the environment he longed for. While having someone’s ashes thrown into ones face may seem reason for outcry, I did not want to interrupt their reverie. Most of dad ended up on me and in the boat. At least he will get to make more Alaska fishing trips.

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