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Maybe it’s the cold, windy and gray of another not quite spring day that has me in a funk.  Tomorrow I’m buying a ticket to Miami.  Today; this is on my mind.


Transocean cites safety record in doling out bonuses despite 11 deaths and totally screwing up the Gulf

“Never, ever, let it be said that mere facts will come between an executive and his or her bonus. Transocean which – along with BP – is responsible for 11 deaths while creating the worst environmental disaster in US history, used its safety record as the reason for giving out exec bonuses.”

View the full story from Collateral Damage

Lets not make an Ass out of U and Me – Assume

Cyanide leach bill approved

“The Montana House Thursday endorsed the bill that would allow cyanide-leaching of ore from new open-pit gold or silver mines in the state, and thus amend a 1998 voter-passed initiative that banned such mines.”

“The House endorsed Senate Bill 306 on a 63-37 vote, largely along party lines, with Republicans in favor. After a final vote on the measure, likely today, it will go to the desk of Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who hasn’t said whether he’ll sign it into law.”

View the full story at HelenaIR.com

Montana SB 306 goes to the Governor

“Now if I didn’t know better, I’d say that Montana SB 306 looks like a full blown mining bill that leaves the taxpayers in the same place with mining operations that they have always been- picking up the tab. Jobs? There are no jobs here, just a huge liability for more mining cleanups, legal litigation, infrastructure liabilities and a tortured landscape that taxpayers will have to live in and pay for while the mining companies take the profit elsewhere.”

View the full story at Will Fish For Work

I sent my letter to Governor Schweitzer this morning.  I sure hope he can do the right thing.

A Cloud Hangs Over Our Hunting and Fishing Future

“One rider that hunters and anglers should be most concerned about strikes at the heart of the Clean Water Act. Recent Supreme Court decisions have resulted in the loss of Clean Water Act protection for at least 20 million acres of wetlands that are essential to waterfowl populations. The rider blocks the federal government from restoring lost protections for small streams, adjacent wetlands and geographically isolated waters that provide much of the habitat needed by fish and wildlife. These headwaters and wetlands are also the source of most of the water that flows through the nation’s waterways.”

View the Full Story at Cool Green Science

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No Pebble

I’ve been reading through comments to some of the news stories about the Pebble Mine.  Most of the battle focuses on economics or the value of minerals vs. salmon or minerals vs. natural ecosystems.  I don’t believe that money is the only issue at stake.  It’s about lifestyle and vision for the future.  Both sides believe strongly in a set of values whether they admit it or not.  Development believes that life will be better when we increase our economic worth and have more goods to produce and sell. The other side believes in the living values inherent in the natural world like sustainable food, clean water and wild land recreation.

I have a pretty strong preference toward saving the salmon and the entire habitat that supports them, but I also realize I’m a hypocrite when I consider my lifestyle.  While I don’t make or spend a lot of money, I do burn petroleum and utilize many chemical byproducts.  I use a computer and cell phone full of minerals, and I’m pretty sure my fly rods, reels, fly lines, nylon leaders, fluorocarbon tippets et al are somewhat evil in light of their compositions.  I truly love the stuff, yet I am soundly against development most of the time.

Some of my best friends are involved in the oil industry and/or mining and we get along and they fish.  Many of my clients are captains of industry, oil executives, resource gobblers and other bad stuff, yet they fish and support me as a guide.  It does seem hypocritical to me when they exploit resources in one place to get the money to go fish in another that’s less messed up, but we’re not going to talk about that stuff while we’re fishing.

I’d love to go back in time to over a hundred years ago and fish all over a pristine Alaska.  Of course I’d want my arsenal of Sage rods, Ross reels and Rio/Airfo fly lines.  A GPS would be nice also. I’d probably need a float plane and a jet boat or at least my aluminum Willie drift boat as well.

John Shively is the CEO and mouthpiece for the Pebble Partnership.  He’s very upset that *outside interests (Americans) such as Trout Unlimited and the National Resources defense council are throwing money into the fight against Pebble.  As far as he’s concerned, anyone against Pebble is against Alaska and the United States and the economy and business and is an eco terrorist.  So John, where is the money coming from to develop Pebble?  Oh, it’s coming from “outsiders”.  Who stands to make the most profit?  Again, “outsiders” who are not even Americans. I guess we’re all hypocrites with a different vision.

*Outsider: Anyone who does not live in Alaska as a resident and receive a Permanent Fund Dividend Check from the State.

Well, I might be a hypocrite, but I still say no to development at Pebble.  At least for the foreseeable future: until we have far better technology and control over the process: until permits are not just a license to pollute.  It’s a crazy complex world we live in.  My vision is a world where a high standard of living and a thriving natural world are not mutually exclusive.  Responsible Mining – Sustainable Fisheries…at Pebble?  I’m not buying into that vision.  For now, I am thankful for every day I get to spend on wild waters and I take none of it for granted.

Where is the proposed Pebble Mine located?

Location of the proposed Pebble Mine.

EPA includes Pebble in Bristol Bay review

Get the latest  Pebble News from ADN.

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I picked up these links from Moldy Chum.  The Pebble Partnerships ad champaign is deceptive and misleading.  Water flows downhill.  Salmon swim upriver.  What does walking have to do with anything? Everyone but the Pebble Partnership knows this.  Or do they?  They believe that misleading the public will help them secure their permitting.  Lets give them a reality check!

Video 1 – Go directly to YouTube to post your comments

Video 2 – Go directly to YouTube to post your comments

Check out this link  Do they think we are idiots? for the perspective from Headwaters.

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Here I sit in the depth of winter playing with photos and video of a season rich in fun and fish.  This is the time to celebrate another year gone by and to plan the details for making the next one even better.  It is also a time to face some of the challenges eroding the health of the waters and fisheries that we love.  Take some time to reflect, make plans to spend more time on the waters and I encourage you to dig a little into some of the issues that make our fishing futures uncertain.  Many of us are so busy, we can barely find the time to fish, let alone be crusaders.  Everything helps.  Consider at the very least joining organizations such as TU.  They will help keep you informed of important issues like the Pebble Mine and your dues and donations will add to the positive side of things.

I just paged through the second issue of  The Contemporary Sportsman.  Check out the “Sea-Run Angle” by Jeff Bright for an excellent and eloquent perspective.

Reflection, Celebration, Vigilance

Reflection - Celebration - Vigilance


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Here is a letter from friend and fishing guest Allen Tigert.

Subject: National Geographic Article on Pebble
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 10:18:27 -0900
Hi Everyone, 

Here’s a good article on the Bristol Bay / Pebble Mine conundrum. Worth passing

on to everyone. It’s getting closer and closer to permitting time. Pass this on to

your friends and ask people to email their legislators, governor, senators and tell

them in strong words what they think about this.

With ALL of the DNR commissioners and assistants being ex large scale mining

executives, the state permitting WILL go through unless there is tremendous

pressure from the people, the legislature, and the governor against the mine

and the huge changes it will bring to the Bristol Bay region.

In the lower 48 decisions were made over and over between wilderness, wildlife,

and large scale development. In nearly every case the decision was made to

develop. At the end, there were no uncompromised salmon runs and now there

is just a shadow of the abundance that once existed. There was the feeling that

the resources were limitless, so there was always another place that was still


So now we’ve reached the end of the line. There are no more wild, undiminished

salmon runs anywhere but here in Alaska. At risk are the health of the largest

remaining major salmon runs in America. Kings in the Nushagak, the incredible

abundance of the Sockeye in the Kvichak and the character of the huge area of

wilderness around them will be forever diminished if the Pebble mine is built.

Speak up now or forever hold your peace!

Link to National Geographic Article

Allen Tigert

Related is another post at “Kenai River Fishing Report“.

Follow this link for a short video.

Pebble Mine from Idylwilde Flies on Vimeo.

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Trout Unlimited Alaska

Join TU

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Follow this link to check out what fish farms are unleashing on our fragile wild salmon stocks. Pass it on and pass salmon on the menu unless you caught it yourself or you know for certain it is wild. We cannot support this industry.

Nootka Lice Problems from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

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Good-Bye Old Blue

Fins Down

On the return from a quick trip over to Washington State, my Durango’s engine gave out at a Taco Bell drive through in Missoula Montana.  We’d had a beautiful afternoon driving up the Clearwater and Lochsa Rivers.  I was seriously considering replacing the brakes and getting new tires and rolling through one more season.  After 250K miles, 20 passes over the Alcan Highway, hundreds of trips on Skilak Road, a close encounter with a moose in the Yukon and mule deer in British Columbia, Wyoming and South Dakota, one more taco was asking too much.  We limped to a corner of the parking lot and that was the end.  Kudos to the poor guy who carted us back to Great Falls in another crazy spring snowstorm.   Crossing the divide at Rogers Pass was insane.  I think we were the last rig to make it through that day.

April 30

April 30

It could have been far worse.  The Durango could have given out while crossing the Northern Rockies in B.C.  I sure hope this Yukon is ready for the hard miles ahead.

The new Mystic Waters Road Warrior

The new Mystic Waters Road Warrior

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A delegation of Alaska Natives and commercial fishermen will fly to London <http://www.ak2uk.com/index.html > next week to confront mining industry giant Anglo American at the company’s April 15th shareholders meeting with concerns about the massive Pebble mine project in the headwaters of Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska.

Efforts to stop the Pebble Mine are going global.

Efforts to stop the Pebble Mine are going global.

Visit the website for more info.  Good luck delegates!

Opposition to Pebble Mine

Opposition to Pebble Mine

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The Alaska fishing season past ended with a pop.

Check out Stacy’s story “Achilles” in This Is Fly on page 91.

If you are in Cooper Landing next summer, be sure to eat at The Kingfisher, but watch out for the Ping Pong table.
Final Kenai Float 2008

Final Kenai Float 2008

Since Alaska, we have fished on the Green in Utah and the Beaverhead, Smith and Missouri in Montana.

Fall Brown Trout on the Missouri River Montana

Fall Brown Trout on the Missouri River Montana

Stacy calls em cute little fish, but I like a little finesse fishing now and then.

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