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Bye for now...

Back in Montana.  Stacy tells me he has been banging more chrome silvers since I left.  Seems like I was just driving north with green leaves and grass.  Left Alaska to winter and drove through sub zero temps and snow in the Yukon.  I’ve got to wrap up another season and move to a new household and hopefully get some time on the Missouri and maybe chase some Steelhead in Idaho soon.  September was a blur as usual with lots of time spent on the water (every day) and lots of fish landed (sore elbows and shoulders from rowing and netting).  October was great with a perfect water bounce, some beautiful fall days and enough big bows, dollies and chrome silvers to round things out.  Just filled in a bunch of dates on the 2011 Calendar after printing one off.  Full circle again.Kenai River September

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Double Dolly Varden from the Kenai River

Double Dollies from Brothers Keith and Steve

Hello Fred,
I hope you find yourself well in Montana and enjoying lazy days, with a few of those substitute teaching days in between.  Your update on your web site reminded me I was to forward a few pics.  Here they are.

Keith and I had a great time out there this year!  Thanks again for everything.  Please tell Stacy the same.  Hopefully we are able to visit the both of you again next year….

Happy Thanksgiving!
Steve Wacker

Kenai River Rainbow in September

Steve with his hands full of rainbow

Steve and Keith made their first trip to the Kenai in late September.  They were great to share the water with and did a fine job of putting fish to the boat.

Kenai Canyon Rainbow

Keith with a Canyon Rainbow

Silver (Coho) Salmon

A salmon between rainbows for Steve.

Thanks for the photos and for helping to make another memorable season Steve and Keith.  Right now, I am subbing as a PE teacher in a K-6 elementary school in Great Falls.  I did manage to work a few fish on the Missouri and chase pheasants for a day, but I am Mr. T in P.E. from now until December 18.  Then we are off to Colorado for family Christmas and some big mountain skiing.

Tight Lines!

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Fall on the Kenai River Alaska

September Fishy

As always, September was a fishy month.  We had steadily falling water and carcasses were exposed faster than the gulls, eagles and bears could keep up.  Mix in the earthy decay of fall, the fecund odor of fermenting salmon and the sweet smell of cranberries and you get an aroma that says…Fish On!   As the sockeye fall, the trout feast and grow; despite the exercise we give them bending graphite.

Kenai River Rainbow

Big Fishy Rainbow

Craig and Ari returned for another round of Kenai Rainbows.  For several years now they have been going over to Kulik Lodge in Katmai, but they keep the Kenai on their itinerary for the big ones.

31" Kenai River Rainbow

Debbie and Stacy with a daymaker.

Debbie joined Denny Crum’s group from Louisville, KY and quickly set the bar high with this beautiful trout.  Stacy had his hands full as this was one of a big fish double with two novice anglers, some fast water, an island channel to navigate etc. , but he is a great coach too.

First Kenai River Rainbow

First Fly Rod Fish

Where else can you go and land a rainbow like this for your first trout?  On the Kenai, we see it play out every season.  Right place, right time, right stuff, line in the water, get em!

Middle Kenai River Rainbow

Middle Kenai Beauty

Silver Salmon from the Kenai River

Love those Big Silver Streamer Eaters

Kenai River Dolly Varden

Big Dollies are welcome

September on the Kenai

Tom Lackey on the Upper Kenai

Fall morning on the Kenai River, Alaska

Chilly Fishy Mystic Morning

If only September could be three months long!

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